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This book is a must-read for wholesale bankers and other professionals dealing with companies in financial distress.

Heavy Weather Banking provides a structured approach to the various lending mistakes and lessons learned from actual banking practice, and a relevant toolbox on restructuring do's and don'ts, both in terms of content and effective behaviour.

Quickly following the dotcom bubble burst of 2000, and the financial-economic crisis that started in 2008, we are currently experiencing the third major credit crisis of this century. The outcome remains uncertain, but it seems likely that many corporates will struggle to survive.

This textbook on distressed corporate debt restructuring is written from the bank's viewpoint, and concentrates on how the bank should best manage problematic loans, causing as little as possible financial and reputation damage to the bank.

Heavy Weather Banking is not an academic finance book, but rather a practical, easily accessible textbook that provides a comprehensive overview of the many topics, from early warning signals and lessons learned, to reaching a successful restructuring. The book includes many real-life examples.

"This is a valuable addition to the literature on distressed debt and one which I shall be recommending to all of my bank clients and trainees in this space."
- Adrian Grant, Consultant and Trainer on loan origination & restructuring

Rob Wijman is one of Europe's leading loan workout and restructuring bankers with a deep and global experience in high profile cases. Wijman provides training, workshops and lectures on corporate crisis situations in addition to advising distressed businesses.
Taal: eng
Aantal pagina's: 272
Verschijningsdatum: 04-01-2022


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CategorieGeld-/bank-/krediet- en verzekeringswezen
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