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The Economy Studies project emerged from the worldwide movement to modernise economics education, spurred on by the global financial crisis of 2008, the climate crisis, and the COVID-19 pandemic. It envisions a wide variety of economics graduates and specialists, equipped with a broad toolkit, enabling them to collectively understand and help tackle the issues the world faces today.

This is a practical guide for (re-)designing economics courses and programs. Based on a clear conceptual framework and ten flexible building blocks, this handbook offers refreshing ideas and practical suggestions to stimulate student engagement and critical thinking across a wide range of courses.

Key features are:

- Adapting Existing Courses: Plug-and-play suggestions to improve existing economics courses with attention to institutions, history, values and practical skills.

- Teaching materials: A guide through the rapidly growing range of innovative textbooks and other teaching materials.

- Example Courses and Curricula: How to design pluralist, real-world economics education within the practical limits of time and resources.

The companion website,, contains a wealth of additional resources, such as tailor-made booklets for more specific audiences, additional teaching materials and links to plug-and-play syllabi and courses, and opportunities for workshops and exchange with other economics educators.

"To tackle the systemic challenges that the world faces today, we need economists with an open-mindset and a diverse toolkit to help guide us. This book provides the building blocks for educating these crucial experts." - Jan Peter Balkenende, former prime minister of the Netherlands

"This book is a tour de force. The mastery of the subject that the authors and their team display is astonishing. It was a source of inspiration for the development of the new program at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam." - Prof. Arjo Klamer (EUR & VU)
Taal: eng
Aantal pagina's: 468
Verschijningsdatum: 15-12-2021


CategorieAlgemene economie
Tags 2200118266758 9789463726047

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