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Cycles -The simplest, proven method to innovate faster while reducin Cassady, Bryan

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There are lots of books, courses, and videos on innovation. They are fun and usually motivating, but seldom deliver long-term results.

CYCLES is a fun book, but more importantly, it explains how to innovate at every stage. Consistent winners are idea builders that make good or even mediocre ideas great over time." With CYCLES you'll learn by doing how to grow ideas up to 6x faster while cutting risks by over 50%.

This book brings together 4 years of research and the work of 22 innovation experts into a simple system with easy-to-use canvases and tools. The foundation of this system is thinking of idea building as an ongoing process of cycles. Some cycles are short, and some are long. The best cycles include the ABCs of innovation.

A = Align
B = Build ideas
C = Communicate and Check
S = Systematically Improve

This system ties the theories and research from hundreds of books into something easy to understand and something you can do right now.

If you want to be a better innovator, CYCLES will change the way you think about innovation. More importantly, with easy hands-on tools, CYCLES will make it easier to innovate faster while reducing risks.

22 guest authors helped realizing this book: Agnis Stibe (France), Arjan Groen (the Netherlands), Charles Umeh (Nigeria), Dennis van der Spoel (the Netherlands), Filip Hendrickx (Belgium), Franck Vinchon (the Netherlands), Fritz Seidel (Switzerland), Julio Carazo (Spain), Lana Kristine Jelenjev (the Netherlands), Lucas Sauberschwarz (Germany), Lysander Weiss (France), Martin Gaedt (Germany), Nicolas Deturck (Luxembourg), Reinhard Ematinger (Germany), Sergio Pereira (Portugal), Shayne Smart (the Netherlands), Simon Vanhoucke (Belgium), Stoyan Yankov (Denmark), Tony De Bree (the Netherlands), Urs Rothmayr (Spain), Wade Milek (US), Yuri Kruman (US)
Taal: eng
Aantal pagina's: 368
Verschijningsdatum: 18-10-2021


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