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OBSERVING, integration AND passing it on -60 years of life experience De Winter, Thomas

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I have tried to summarize all my encounters, experiences, and insights into this book. I do realize that this book is far from complete. Maybe there will be a sequel in which I can go into some topics more in-depth. First let's see how this book is received. I know that especially through my men's workshops, I have given people the opportunity to develop themselves further on a personal level. Those men see the world with completely different eyes after completing the training. With the meditation courses I am less sure about the long-term effects. It is a very personal and drastic decision not to go back to the old, safe situation, but to remain in the newly acquired state of consciousness. Everyone makes their own decisions in that regard.For me it is a lovely idea that my life experience has now been recorded into a book. I hope that I have also been able to inspire you as a reader to look at yourself and the world in a different way. I am confident that we are moving towards a world of stillness, and it is my wish that the content of this book is a small step in that direction.
Taal: eng
Aantal pagina's: 147
Verschijningsdatum: 25-08-2021


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