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Note: This book is available in several languages: Dutch, English, French, Spanish. Foundations of ITIL v3 has become the industry classic guide on the topic of ITIL. Over the years this authoritative itSMF guide has earned its place on the bookshelves and in the briefcases of industry experts as they implement best practices within their organizations. This version reflects ITIL V3. Written in a concise way and covering all the facts, readers will find that this title succinctly covers the key aspects of the ITIL V3 upgrade. The ITIL V3 approach covering the ITIL Lifecycle is fully covered. In addition those who are familiar with the Version 2 process approach will be delighted to discover that this new edition of Foundations of IT Service Management based on ITIL V3 has split out all the processes and describes them in detail. This means that it is easy for all readers to access and grasp the process concepts that are so pivotal to many service management day-to-day operations. This title covers the following: PART 1: THE ITIL SERVICE LIFECYCLE Lifecycle phase: Service strategy Lifecycle phase: Service design Lifecycle phase: Service transition Lifecycle phase: Service operation Lifecycle phase: Continual service improvement PART 2: FUNCTIONS AND PROCESSES Introduction to Functions and Processes Functions and Processes in Service Strategy Functions and Processes in Service Design Functions and Processes in Service Transition Functions and Processes in Service Operation Functions and Processes in Continual Service Improvement ....and much more! Comments on this and previous editions of this title include: Foundations of IT Service Management Based on ITIL V3 is a good meaty clear practical useful book that I am glad to have in my library. And for what you get the price is remarkably cheap. IT Skeptic ITIL v3 is defined in 5 new volumes, whereas the summary from Van Haren is squeezed into a single 320 page text. Of course, you are not going to get the level of detail that you'd have if you purchase all 5 books, but if you want someone to have picked out the "best bits" then consider getting this book. Perhaps the best attribute for the book is that it strips away a lot of the superfluous text that surround some of the new concepts. That in itself is a worthwhile reason to consider getting it. I would have liked to have seen more original diagrams, most of the pictures are taken directly from the original ITIL v3 volumes. There is a full 30 page glossary at the back of the book that is based on the official ITIL v3 Glossary.' Roger Purdie, Quintica, Australia 'Jan van Bon/Ivo van Haren and their team have again delivered a great foundations book - a standard that deserves its place in every ITIL practitioner's library. Hats off!' Gerard Blokdijk, Brisbane, Australia "... no single book have I recommended more highly than this. It consolidates the focus and understanding of the core ITIL books ... in an easy to read and efficient manner. No fuss - no fluff. Without exception it's the one book reference to IT Service Management" "... if you're looking for the best introductory ITIL book on the market, this is absolutely it." "... in my opinion (this book) should be read by all IT professionals." "... this book is among the best I've read this year, and (it is) certainly among the most important books published this year for IT operations and infrastructure professionals."
Taal: spa
Aantal pagina's: 402
Verschijningsdatum: 06-08-2013
Verschijningsvorm: pocket


CategorieInformatica & management
Tags 2200103703817 9789087530600 9087530609

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