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Leadership in listening -The 7 levels of listening for professionals Pierau, Victor

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What is the most difficult thing about listening? The answer is, you need to be truly silent. You need to be able to eliminate any form of distortion like thoughts, emotions or lack of energy. And by doing so, you'll receive the authentic message in someone else's words and intentions. To a large extent, we process what we hear on a subconscious level. Though whoever has the courage to investigate the power of listening, to observe the distortion within him- or herself and work through it, will be able to learn how to listen at all levels.

Victor Pierau, owner of the company Connessence, is an expert in strengthening listening cultures in organisations. For ten years, he studied the science behind listening and discovered that listening actually involves seven levels. He noticed how each of these levels was prone to some form of distortion. His endeavours resulted in a powerful and profound model, ready-to-use. When you are able to see what kind of distortion hampers your communication, you can start right away with simple exercises.

This book is written for professionals who want to learn how to listen more effectively in their work environments. Whether you are a health care professional, a politician, a teaching professional or a business executive, learning how to listen in a better way will improve your work and your life comprehensively. It will provide you with renewed creative power, it will leave you with more energy and your connections with people will be more profound. That way, listening in-depth will enable you to embody your personal leadership.

"I strongly recommend this book to every health care colleague as well as to other professionals to use it as a point of reference for listening genuinely." Rene Stevelink, general practitioner and affiliated to Amsterdam UMC

"I am deeply interested by Victor Pierau's approach about the seven levels of listening and the revolutionary impact that his revelations and corresponding workshops may have in our worlds today, be it from the perspectives of individuals, communities or of mankind as a whole." Jean-Pele Fomete, Deputy Registrar at International Court of Justice - United Nations

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