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Generation ZAlpha -Connecting with the Next Micro -Generation Leyts, Maarten

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Generational thinking, when used correctly, provides a solid framework for successful marketing and product innovation. Generation ZAlpha, as introduced by Maarten Leyts, deals with the microgeneration of children born between 2008 and 2013, standing at the interface between Generation Z, the digital natives, and Generation Alpha, the children who grew up with the iPad. His book describes the (in)betweens; they are no longer children but not yet teenagers, growing up in the midst of the pandemic. Gen ZAlpha experienced the health crisis during their early adolescence, a phase of significant physical, psychological and social changes, when parents suddenly worked from home, numerous (financial) insecurities surfaced and online classes and activities became the norm. Virtual playgrounds like Minecraft, Fortnite and Roblox became the places for social interaction.

The impressions of the pandemic partly influence how Generation ZAlpha look to the future and what expectations they have in terms of learning, shopping and entertainment. ZAlphas are the virtual natives , young people who during the pandemic embraced technology as a facilitator for their productivity and creativity. They grow up with Anime and K-Pop, Metaverses, XR, QR, holograms, virtual people, AI, and inform and relax through Kidfluencers and Kidpreneurs on Youtube, TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram.

The work brings a wealth of information for anyone who wants to better understand, reach and engage Gen Z, ZAlpha and Alpha. They constitute a sizable and globally best-educated generation ever, are co-creative, global and inclusive, climate activist and technologically pro-creative. Generation ZAlpha, connecting with the next microgeneration provides a significant amount of information for brands, companies, retailers and educational institutions seeking to understand the ever-changing youth culture and evolving media preferences.


"There's an expression, 'Blame it on the youth.' But Maarten presents everything decision-makers need to understand to engage the next generation effectively and empathetically. Otherwise, you can't blame it on them..."
- Brian Solis, Futurist and Best-Selling Author

"Maarten Leyts is both a scholar and an advocate of how kids reshape the narrative for what becomes adopted, rejected and ultimately mainstream."
- Katryna Dow, CEO and Founder of Meeco

"Children are the future. So to understand our youth, is to understand our future. Even more so, as children born today will live to be 104. How will they look back at the age of 30? Maarten is passionate about and deeply invested in youth culture. His book teaches you everything you need to know about next gen and hence tomorrow."
- Jorg Snoeck, Founder and Best-Selling Author

"Maarten deftly captures different younger generations (Gen Z, Gen ZAlpha and Gen Alpha) spirits, charting a future where technology serves as both a challenge and a catalyst for profound societal transformation."
- Aouadi Fakhreddine, Head Of Unit, (Innovation, Intranet and Digital Solutions) European Parliament

"Whether you're in Business, Education, Banking & Finance, Public Services or Politics, read 'Generation ZAlpha' and run to revise your strategy."
- Annalie Killian, Sparks & Honey, New York

"Generation ZAlpha offers marketers insights to a socially conscious, entrepreneurial and diverse young generation - an endeavor that takes curiosity, courage and humility. Maarten Leyts strikes the right balance between marketing effectiveness and the immense responsibility that comes with engaging with children."
- Rebecka Allen, Director of Consumer Policy, World Federation of Advertisers

"Generation ZAlpha is a compelling piece of insights on new generations where we might wonder if we can ever keep up with them. Maarten's inquisitive focus on youth trends, marketing and technology makes him a seasoned strategist who can turn research into applicable knowledge in the field. When museums are struggling to connect and stay relevant to new generations it's inspiring to read how strongly new technology enhances creativity among Gen Z, ZAlpha and Alpha. With Maarten's insights the arts and museums world can capitalise on it to renew their audiences."
- Peter Aerts, Head of audiences and Marcom, SMAK Museum Gent

"As a parent of GenZAlpha kids myself and a professional partially active in the Gaming business, I'm fully aware of the rise of this generation, these Digital Ninja's.
Maarten's book is a highly recommended read to really understand the most tech-connected generation ever. A generation which is establishing a brand preference extremely fast."

- Evert Van Camp, Director BeNeLux, Samsung

"In an era defined by data, digital landscapes, and the evolving dynamics of Generation ZAlpha, this book serves as a beacon, navigating the complexities of privacy, safety, and the ethical contours of our interconnected world. A must-read that illuminates the path towards a secure and inclusive digital future for the next generation."
- Leslie Holden, Co-Founder, The Digital Fashion Group

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