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Artikel omschrijving

The scarf is one of the oldest clothing accessories ever created. Since the dawn of human civilization, it has been able to conquer a leading role in fashion and costumes of all times providing comfort, warmth and elegance all over the world. Multicultural accessory par excellence, the scarf is universally widespread and used in all cultures. Wrapped around the neck, worn on the head or on the shoulders, there are thousands of ways to wear it, because every culture has adapted this extraordinary and versatile accessory to its habits and lifestyles. In this book the role of the scarf as a universal and multicultural object emerges from the essays of the three authors, Cinzia Capalbo, Giovanni Conti and Stefano Generali, who have reconstructed from different perspectives and points of view the evolution of an accessory that has won a prominent role in the costumes and fashion of all time. Through the direct narration of the protagonists and experts in the sector, the book analyzes the Italian production system and the distinctive elements that have made it a model appreciated all over the world, paying particular attention to the Italian culture of know-how, a synonym of high quality and refinement of the product. The intertwining of tradition and innovation, of oriental and western cultural elements finds a perfect synthesis in an accessory that, thanks to its ability to constantly reinvent itself following the evolution of society, represents nowadays the perfect symbol of timeless elegance.

Taal: Eng
Aantal pagina's: 232
Verschijningsdatum: 30-01-2020


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