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This book looks at how archaeologists in the early 21st century are dealing with the challenges and opportunities presented by development in archaeologically sensitive urban centres. Based on a session held at the 2017 EAA conference in Maastricht, the volume features case studies from across Europe and beyond - including Norway, Lithuania, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy and Israel. The chapters look both at individual projects and larger thematic issues.

How has urban archaeology changed the ways in which archaeologists work? Is it possible to predict (and avoid or protect) sensitive archaeology in dynamic urban centres? Do technical solutions to preservation in situ actually work? How are the public involved and how do archaeologists promote public engagement? What are some of the issues and problems for the future?

This book is the first publication of the EAA Urban Archaeology Community, and its editors hope that it will provoke debate, and inform future developments in urban archaeology in Europe and beyond.


Introduction: issues, principles and practice
Jeroen Bouwmeester and Paul Belford

Gediminas Hill and the Upper Castle in Vilnius: Interactions between Nature, Heritage and a Dynamic Urban Centre
Edita Povilaityte-Leliugiene

Some more equal than others? Some issues for urban archaeology in the United Kingdom
Paul Belford

The Kipdorp site: Preservation and Valorization of the 16th century Fortification at the location of the new Opera Plaza in Antwerp
Femke Martens, Daan Celis, Veerle Hendriks

Archaeology-friendly building in a city centre: mission achieved or mission impossible?
Maarten Groenendijk

The construction of the new Station Area in Utrecht: a decade of pressure cooker archaeology
Jan Willem Oudhof

Catching archaeology in Deventer. A case study of combining two instruments to improve archaeological heritage management in urban context
Jeroen Bouwmeester

Archaeology in Cologne: tradition vs. urban development
Thomas Holtken and Marcus Trier

Urban archaeology and conservation of archaeological sites in Luxembourg - potential conflict or valuable addition to modern construction?
Christiane Bis-Worch

Managing Archaeology in Dynamic Urban Centres in Canton Vaud
Marion Liboutet

Stratigraphy as a strategy, an approach to urban archaeological excavation. The example of Aosta, NW Italy
Claudia De Davide

Exploring the archaeological potential of the Esquiline hill in Rome
Valeria Boi

Following the Developers - Salvage Archaeology and Urban Archaeological Management, The Israeli Experience
Jon Seligman

Managing archaeology in dynamic urban centres: challenges and opportunities
Paul Belford and Jeroen Bouwmeester

Taal: eng
Aantal pagina's: 250
Verschijningsdatum: 02-12-2020


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