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Implementing the internet of things -strategy, implementation and c onsiderations Vukicevic, Boban

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Implementing the Internet of Things Implementing the Internet of Things covers the profound impact IoT will have on businesses, both large and small, however it is distinctively different to publications that focus on the technical aspects. Instead it addresses the critical business / management issues that arise when discussing IoT implementations. The authors discuss how IoT impacts business strategies and provide comprehensive guidelines on how to make IoT implementation strategies actionable. The key concept is finding a strategic IoT Hot Spot that aligns with companies current and/or intended competitive advantage. Ideas and concepts on IoT innovation phases and pitfalls are also discussed. In addition, the authors warn against making a hasty entry into the IoT market. A balance has to be struck because technology can progress faster than market demand. The key enabling technical developments that enable the implementation of IoT projects are linked to the business issues. This section does not go into technical details, so it can be read and understood by any interested party. The authors' intention is to help businesses and public service organizations who are considering entering the IoT arena but are uncertain about how to make a compelling business case and how to make a start. Boban Vukicevic is the managing director of, an Internet of Things technology enabler and management consulting company from the Netherlands. Boban studied Business Administration and Information Technology at HU University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht, and holds an MBA degree from NIMBAS, Bradford Graduate School of Management. Bob Emmerson is an English national living in the Netherlands. He holds a degree in electronic engineering and mathematics from London University and now works as a freelance writer and industry observer. Bob is currently writing about M2M, IoT and Communications Technology for various technical and business publications. "It's hard to overstate the importance of the IoT, however, what really counts is not the size of the market, but the benefits it can bring to your business: short-, medium- and long-term benefits. Wat is needed is a thoughtfully crafted IoT strategy that aligns with your business objectives. That is the recipe for success and it's the key message of this publication, which is easy to read, comprehensive and practical. It provides a clear understanding of basic IoT business strategy considerations as well as the requisite technologies." Niek Jan van Damme, Member of the Board of Management Deutsche Telekom AG for Germany, Managing Director Telekom Deutschland GmbH "Great book; transparent and practical". Prof. ?dr. ?Willem Vermeend , internet entrepeneur and special Fintech envoy of the Ministries of Finance and Economics in The Netherlands.
Taal: eng
Aantal pagina's: 80
Verschijningsdatum: 14-07-2017


MerkUitgeverij Azul Kids bv
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